Anotomy of Warming Climate in Europe

Structure of air temperature variation

Posted by Klima Statistik on January 8, 2020

Today, I plot the maps of temperature variations with respect to the mean of 39 years over Europe. Using the monthly averaged near surface air temperature from the ERA5 reanalysis data, I plotted the changes of the temperature variations from the mean of recent 39 years. This shows where and when in the recent climate state (average of 39 years), the temperatures are rising and falling. Along the monthly maps I also show the deviations of the temperatures averaged over the whole Europe around its mean. The red points show warmer than average and the blue ones colder than average. Looking through the movie you would realize that the warming is showing almost a constant linear trend toward warmer states from 1980 to 2018. Many interesting warming patterns pop up during the movie. There are many warm periods detectable within the warm years like 2006, 2010 etc. A very interesting and shocking pattern appears in th winter time (January, Febraury and March) where the warming reaches the maximum values in the recent years (especially Febraury). Please note that the variations seem not to be very large when averaged over the whole Europe (in the lower panel) but statistically an anomaly of 1 degree in average over the whole european doamin and a whole month is really too big! For example of you look at some individual points in the maps you discover warmings or coolings of greater than 5 C in monthly values!"

Temperature anomalies over Europe: Upper panel shows the monthly temperature anomalies with respect to the whole period mean (1980-2018) in degree C. Lower pannels: the solid line shows the averaged monthly near surface temperatures over the whole Europe domain for the period 1980-2018. Values above the line (red) show positiove anomalies (warmer than usual) and values below this line indicate the negative anomalies (colder than usual).

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